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Nischals Science

Nischals unique, comprehensive, portable labs and micro-scale labs enthuse students to conduct experiments by increasing their curiosity. The lab experiments are integrated with classroom teaching and learning practices. Lab manuals and micro-scale labs make it very easy for students to understand, remember and reproduce all the major and minor concepts of a subject. In line with the latest curriculum, Nischals labs sharpen minds, increase mental agility and intelligence.

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For Ages 10 and Above Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 450 experiments
  • Colorful, user-friendly, attractive & compact
  • Improves skills in measuring, recording, Organizing, and analyzing data
  • Improves active learning and critical thinking


For Ages 10 and Above Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 470 experiments
  • Attractive, easy-to-handle, safe & eco-friendly
  • Kindles scientific thinking
  • Minimal usage of chemicals


For Ages 10 and Above Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 400 experiments
  • Attractive, easy-to-handle, safe & eco-friendly
  • Increases concentration, visualization, inspiration, memorization, insight & information processing skills
  • Incorporates critical thinking, research aptitude, projects analysis and develops other critical skills

Math Lab

  • This Unique, Colourful, User Friendly, Attractively & compactly packed math lab helps the students to link their life at school with the life outside the school
  • Exposure to various methodologies like Indian (Vedic), German Russian, Scottish and Chinese along with conventional methods
  • Making the students more competent with a wide choice of problem solving skills
  • An antidote to the way math is taught in schools
  • Easy to understand, remember and apply
  • Develops speed and accuracy
  • Sharpens the mind, increases mental ability and intelligence
  • Suitable for our latest curriculum






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