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Kidzplore Klub is offering the perfect way to spend the Summer Holidays with lots of entertaining and educational activities.The camps at Kidzplore klub are specifically designed for kids of all age groups to provide them holistic and age-appropriate.
Call us today to customize a schedule for your child as per their age and interests!

The various options that you can choose from are as follows:


For children 2.5 to 4 years old, we have a camp at the Little gym to channelize their energy through music-driven gymnastics, and furthur their fine-motor skills through a specially designed curriculum of games and craft activities. The storytelling sessions and sing-along songs are bound to make it an exciting experience for you little one.

Age: 2.5-4 years
Time: 10.30-12.00


This camp is for kids aged 4 to 6 years, where they be learning and exploring a specific theme by means of Storytelling, Discussions, Arts and Craft, experiments and many more fun activities. The themes that we will be focusing on are
      * Dino-Roar: A topic which never fails to excites kids is ‘Dinosaurs‘! Getting to know more about these beasts which roamed the earth millions of years back, the kids will be introduced to many concepts like timeline of earth, evolution, adaptaions, herbivorous & carnivorous animals, food chain, animal behaviours, etc.
      * Globe-Trotters: Making our kids more aware about the world and the different countries and cultures is essential to broaden their horizon of thinking, and appreciate differences. We have planned a World tour experience, where our kids will get to explore 7 different countries around the world in the form of a fun story. They will be making travel diaries to record all that they learn and discover.
Along with this, we will be also offering them STEM based programs like Young Engineers and Little Medical school,  Fun math, along with the Little gym and some interesting games.

Age: 4-6 years
Time: Half Day (10.00-12.30), Full Day (10.00-3.30)

Activities: Theme based stories, crafts and experiments



For engaging the kids of 6-12 years of age,  we are providing a unique mix of activities that they can choose from according to their interests and liking!
The various options available are:
* 2 Dimensional Animation: Let our kids get behind the screen and understand more about how the various animations they see are made.
* Artificial Intelligence: This is a topic which has become an essential part of our lives, and holds a lot of potential for the future. The interesting projects will help kids to experience firsthand what is involved in AI.
* Chess: Learning to play this game of strategy sharpens the mind and improves concentration.
* Karate & Dance: Physical activity with fun and learning for kids are essential to use their energy in a positive manner.
* Painting: This is a wonderful way of expression and relaxation for kids, as they pick up a new skill and improve on their painting and artistic abilities.
* Rubik’s cube: A challenge for kids which helps them get better at problem solving, they can navigate through the various levels of this popular puzzle.
* Abacus: An opportunity to develop an edge in calculations and mental maths, thus making kids more confident and  better equipped to deal with various problems of mathematics and science.
* Regular Math: Nischals Math program offers kids an opportunity to understand better what they learn in math with the help of micro-scale math labs and in-depth teaching about the concepts involved. They can navigate through the math curriculum at school with much more ease and fun.
* Young Engineers: A unique program that combines education and entertainment,  the kids use their favorite Lego bricks to build various working models, and then understand the mechanical concepts behind their working.
* Little Medical School: A STEM based program that strives to make children aware of the various aspects of health care profession, and teach some important life skills.
* The Little Gym: This music driven gymnastics program is a cool way for kids to burn their excess energy and learn some amazing gymnastic skills.
* Robotics: Giving kids an exposure to this upcoming field helps to kindle their curiosity and make them more aware. The program of Robotics at Kidzplore klub combines Robot building and programming,  Basic electrical circuits and 3-D modeling, giving them an overall exposure to this field.
* Workshops: The various fun workshops planned throughout the Summer camp will definitely excite the kids and help them pick-up some new skills.

Age: 6-12 years
Time: Half Day (10.00-12.30), Full Day (10.00-3.30)




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